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Yule Melt Women's Butter Jams FINAL SALE

Yule Melt Women's Butter Jams FINAL SALE

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Hot cocoa and friendly faces make even the coldest days feel warm. "Yule Melt" is just the sweetest print with painted evergreen sprigs and mocha gingerbread. 

Women’s Holiday

The Women's Holiday Style Butter Jams have a collar, shirt pocket and functional wooden buttons. The trim is edged with beautiful piping for a classic and elevated style. Women's pants are straight leg and loose in style with a wide cuff and piping on the hem. Yes! Of course they have pockets because #momlife 

Why bamboo for adults?

Bamboo is known to be thermoregulating. Imagine your favorite steel tumbler, it keeps your drink warm or cool right? Bamboo pajamas have the same effect on our bodies. Butter Jams help prevent overheating during the night eliminating night sweats, yet somehow the thin comfortable fabric keeps us cozy. It's just magical. Perfect for sensitive skin, hypoallergenic and great for eczema patients too. You spend the majority of your life in bed they say, why not be comfortable and feel fabulous? 

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