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Hard Candy Santy Two Piece Butter Jams FINAL SALE

Hard Candy Santy Two Piece Butter Jams FINAL SALE

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Vintage Santa with cheeks so merry and bright! You can't help but smile and sleep through the night! Well, we can't promise that... but we can guarantee coziness and cuteness! Soft grey background and holiday red trim make the "Hard Candy Santy" pattern perfect for pairing and family coordination.

Crafted from luxurious bamboo viscose, the two piece butter jams have top-notch stretchiness for your big kid's maximum comfort. They fit perfectly snug with enough room to grow fitting your child longer than the average pajama. This is why the 2 piece has fewer sizes. It means fewer times you have to replace their jams!

Why bamboo?

Cuddle Butters products are crafted from thermoregulating, hypoallergenic bamboo viscose, offering eco-friendly and non-toxic comfort suitable for those with eczema and sensitive skin. No flame retardant chemicals are used. 

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